14 October 2011

A Family of Pirates--Halloween Costumes

(Don't you love Photoshop?  This picture was taken in my kitchen.)

It's about time for some Halloween costumes, don't you think?  :)  Las year, we were all pirates for Halloween.  :D  I loved it!  The costumes were so easy, but I thought we looked pretty spiffy.  (Except that someone thought I was a gypsy, not a pirate...Hmmm...)

A trip to Goodwill took care of most of our costumes...

For Mr. MadeIt (aka Captain Hook), we found a silky red button-down shirt.  Add to that a few Wal-Mart accessories, his church slacks, and my belt, and he's good to go. 

For me (aka Bootstrap Jill), we found an off-white, coarse-weave button-down shirt at Goodwill.  We also found a Goodwill belt that reminded me of doubloons strung together.  The most difficult part was the pirate vest (and that was super-easy!)  For that, we found long brown dress--I sewed closed the zippered back, and cut open the center front.  (No need to make the edges nice because I'm a pirate!)  A pair of Mr. MadeIt's tan pants (so they'd be too big), a colorful scarf, and pile of old necklaces completed my look.

For Boo (aka...I don't know; I've got nothing), we picked up (from Goodwill again) a long-sleeved white onesie.  I tattered the sleeve edges and drew a skull-and-crossbone onto the front with a Sharpie.  Black tights kept her warm.

What should we do for this year?  We know what Boo's going to be, but we haven't come up with anything for Mr. MadeIt and I that we're actually excited about.

How are you dressing up this year?

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  1. I need to learn how to use Photoshop.This is a wonderful photo. Hugs and Happy Monday!


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