15 October 2011

Tutu Costume Roundup!

I've been seeing tutu costumes all over Pinterest, and I LOVE THEM!  Oh my goodness, they are so cute! There's this one...

Source: etsy.com via Jill on Pinterest

And this one...

Source: etsy.com via Jill on Pinterest

Not to mention this one...

Source: etsy.com via Jill on Pinterest

{Go to my Pinterest board for more inspiration!}

They are pretty pricy to buy (often about $45 on Etsy) but they are really easy to make!  There are lots of tutu-making tutorials floating around in Blogland, so I'm not going to write a tutorial.  (Maybe later, if I come up with something new and different.)  In the mean time, here are some tutorials for you to check out:

No-Sew Options:
How to Make a Tutu--I've used this tutorial before; it's a good one.  Plus, she has links to other tutu tutorials at the bottom of her post.
Petti Tutu Tutorial--Same process as above, but with a cute edge detail
How to Make a Halter Tutu Dress: Version 2--This tutorial shows you how to make a layered tutu, plus instructions on making it into a dress, rather than just a skirt.

Yes-Sew Options:
How to Make the Perfect Sewn Tutu--Looks really easy to do.  (Who knew there were tutorials on eBay?)
How-To:  Sew a Sparkle Tutu--With a ribbon drawstring instead of an elastic

Oh, and I can't forget this one:

How pretty is that?  I love it.  Don't worry; there's a tutorial for it at The Train to Crazy.

Happy crafting!


  1. I like the peacock one too. I made it for myself for this Halloween, and it was awesome over a blue formal dress.


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