26 October 2011

Tin Can Jack-O-Lanterns

Yes, another jack-o-lantern post.  What can I say?  I like pumpkins.

I had the idea to punch holes in a tin can to make a jack-o-lantern.  (Not exactly revolutionary, but it was cheap, easy, and hopefully nice-looking, so that's good enough for me.)  But how to keep the can from bending...?

Mr. MadeIt and I thought the can would probably bend if we just used a hammer and nail to punch the holes, so enter:  Power Tools.

Well, drilling was a pain.  It takes more pressure than you might think to drive a drill bit into a tin can!  (You might notice, I used another Sam's Club applesauce can, like for my upcycled vase.  Good thing Boo likes applesauce so much!)  But the real problem was that this method left sharp bits of metal poking out of the holes--not good for a family with a two year old!

Pinterest to the rescue!  One of my friends pinned these little guys, so I clicked on over...

(Update:  The pin isn't working anymore; I don't know why.  Here's the link to the tutorial, though.)

The people at Better Homes and Gardens solved the problem of the bent cans by filling the cans with water and freezing it!  (Then using hammer and nail to poke the holes.)  Genius.

For more details, here's the full tutorial.  (There are even templates for their designs!)  I would just like to add that it's way easier if you have someone to hold your can still while you're punching holes.

These could be used as lanterns, like the BHG people did, or they could line your driveway, or you could make them out of different sized cans and cluster them on the mantle...

I've only made one so far; maybe I need to make a few more.

By the way, are your Halloween costumes done yet?  I finished mine last night.  Pictures to follow.  :)

Happy crafting!

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