10 October 2011

Fabric Pumpkins!

Craft #2 from the Ladies' Night Craft Extravaganza was fabric pumpkins!  I love these little guys; I think I'll make a couple each year until I have a whole basketful!  (Another of the ladies there made--well, started--19 of these fabric pumpkins that night so she could have her basketful right away.  Whew!  That's a lot of work!  I'll do mine in stages.)

I don't know whose instructions we used to make these, and I couldn't find a tutorial that was quite the same as what we did.  But here are some cute fabric pumpkin tutorials to try anyways:

Michael's Knock-off Pumpkins by Brown Paper Packages--most like my pumpkin
Pumpkin Harvest by Creative Passage--cute inside-out seams
Cloth Pumpkin by Mommie Daze--quickest pumpkin (by the looks of it--I haven't tried any of these tutorials)
Cutesy Fabric Pumpkin by Keep'n the Sunny Side--second quickest, but a little cuter for that extra time

And here's another couple pictures of my pumpkin because I like taking pictures!

There's all this straw lying around behind my apartment, I guess to keep mud from splashing while the landlords finish their landscaping project.  Whatever the reason, it makes a great background for my Halloween crafting pictures!

I like how in this shot, the pumpkin looks like it's glowing.  (Oooo!  Magic pumpkin!  Or apple.  It kinda' looks like an apple...since it's red, instead of orange...)

I have one project left to post about from Friday's craft night, and it's my favorite:  the pumpkin block puzzle!  Be sure to check back soon to see it!

Happy crafting!

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